Digital First is a Digital Studio Strategy that was created based on the new world which is mainly digital with the main goal of share experiences, stories and challenges to let you know how we face them, solve them and improve them. We create value thru social media, creative platfoms and vlogs.

Our main goal is to supply strategic solutions related with our experience in the Automotive Industry and Vision of Life! We will show You a new World as well as all related topics with the Car Industry in México and around the World from raw material supplier passing thru TIER2 and TIER1 up to Vehicle Assembly Companies finally ending with the Premium and Top of the Line Brand New Car Distributors. We will also show You all the insights of these automotive companies and their related partners like Quality Control Companies, Logistics Companies, Customs Companies, Service Companies, Outsourcing Companies, Attorney Companies, Experts and Consultants Companies, Aftermarket Companies, Body Shops and Many Others.

In addition, we will vlog, podcast and create digital valuable content about all the related topics to the Worldwide Automotive Industry like How to Create a Company, Goverment Regulations, Business Models, Import - Export Taxes, Trading Procedures, Supply Chain Data, Networking, Sales Stategies, Branding Creation, Finantial Markets, Global Economy, Quality Management Systems, Labor Compliance, Tax Compliance, Investment Options, Company Culture in Top Companies, Recruitment Processes, EVP + CVP, Liability Studies, Partnership, CashFlow Toipics, Big Data and others.

We will give You digital access to Experts and Consultants to get from them the way of Hack Your Success!! More than 80% of the companies fails in the first three years but that is just the 80% of them do it in the wrong way. We will try to discover the Secret Formula for Success in the Automotive Business mixing and aligning all the knowledge we can obtain in the next years from the TOP Companies around the World.

We will copy, simulate, mix, create, improve and learn from the best business men, influencers, youtubers, politics, masterminds, writters, consultants, workers and all those hard working people that is in the road or has been grab a certain level of success. We want to show You how they enjoy their life style, how they face their daily challenges and see the life with their eyes. We want to help people to be happier, enjoy their life and succeed in a proffesional and personal because we can, we want, we have something to say, we have a lot to learn and most of all we know that this World will be better if we give something back to people.

Some of you will be standing on smoke looking to landing your idea and we will help you to accomplish your dream with little baby steps and up to get mentoring from our mastermind experts and for all other companies in a small, medium or corporate size that may be thinking you are as big as the TITANIC we also have an ICEBERG waiting for You.

We agree that DIGITAL is the NEW BLACK. We will create our content based on the new Share of the Motion feeling that emotional pulse on what people care about looking always for an amazing quality of photography and cinematic videos.




SLP. Mexico 1991. He began his studies in the area of graphics in the Centro de las Artes of SLP doing diplomas in the areas of silkscreen, printmaking and drawing. Distinguished by his taste for traditional techniques such as typographic printing, printmaking and photography mixed with new technologies such as digital marketing and web development. He studied Business Administration with a focus on digital marketing and business development. He has worked on cultural projects, independent, and for local companies and businesses for 5 years.




SLP. Mexico 1991. Photographer for 6 years for the commercial sector, and private photo and video projects for marketing campaigns and websites. During his bachelor's degree in Market Intelligence, he got to know the audiovisual production area, which is currently his focus and main passion. Josafat always seeks to create stories, develop an ideal environment for collaboration, is very intuitive in his work, improving his technical knowledge as the technological advances of the market.

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